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Portland English Language Academy

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Portland English Language Academy

The Portland English Language Academy (PELA) is an English language school located in Portland, Oregon in the United States. PELA offers a variety of English language programs designed to help students improve their English language skills and reach their personal and professional goals. The school provides a supportive and welcoming environment for students from all over the world.

PELA offers several different English language programs to meet the needs of students at all levels. From beginner to advanced, students can find a program that fits their individual needs and goals. Whether you are a student looking to improve your English for academic or personal reasons, or a professional looking to enhance your language skills for career advancement, PELA has a program for you.

The academy offers both group and private classes, allowing students to choose the learning environment that best suits their individual needs. Group classes provide students with the opportunity to practice their language skills in a social setting, while private classes provide a more personalized learning experience with a dedicated teacher. PELA’s experienced teachers are dedicated to helping students reach their language goals and provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

In addition to its language programs, PELA offers a range of extra-curricular activities, including cultural excursions, sports and leisure activities, and opportunities for community service. These activities provide students with the opportunity to experience American culture and practice their English skills in a fun and relaxed setting.

Overall, the Portland English Language Academy is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their English language skills. With its wide range of programs and experienced teachers, students are sure to receive a quality education and reach their language goals.

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