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Guildford College

Guildford College is a renowned English language school located in the United Kingdom. The school offers a variety of English language courses for international students, including General English, Business English, and Exam Preparation courses. The school is located in the historic town of Guildford, which is located in the county of Surrey, about 40 minutes from London by train. The school is well-equipped with modern facilities, including classrooms, computer rooms, and a library. Additionally, the school offers a range of activities and excursions, which provide students with the opportunity to practice their English while exploring the local area.

The teachers at Guildford College are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language. They use a communicative approach to teaching, which encourages students to use the language in real-life situations, and to think and communicate in English. The teachers also provide regular feedback on students’ progress, which helps students to identify and work on their weaknesses.

The school also offers accommodation options for students, including homestays, shared flats and residence halls. Living with a host family is a great opportunity to immerse in the local culture and practice your language skills outside of the classroom. The accommodation team will assist you in finding the best option for you.

Guildford College is a great choice for international students who are looking for a high-quality English language education in a welcoming and friendly environment. The school’s location in the historic town of Guildford and its proximity to London make it an ideal choice for students who want to experience the best of both worlds: the tranquility of a small town and the excitement of a big city.

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