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Global Village Hawaii

The Global Village Hawaii English Language School is located in the city of Honolulu in the state of Hawaii, United States. As the name suggests, the school has a global focus and provides students with an opportunity to learn the English language in a supportive and culturally diverse environment. The school aims to provide students with a comprehensive language education that goes beyond just language classes. The curriculum is designed to offer students a unique blend of academic and cultural programs, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Hawaii.

At the Global Village Hawaii, students can expect to receive high-quality language instruction from experienced and qualified teachers. The teachers at the school are native English speakers and have years of experience teaching English as a second language. They use a communicative and interactive teaching method that focuses on real-life situations, making it easier for students to learn and use the language in everyday life. The small class sizes ensure that students receive personalized attention and support from their teachers, helping them to make rapid progress in their language skills.

In addition to language classes, the Global Village Hawaii offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities for students to participate in. These activities provide students with an opportunity to practice their English in real-life situations, make new friends, and explore the local culture. Some of the popular cultural and recreational activities offered by the school include beach activities, city tours, cooking classes, dance classes, and hiking trips.

The school also provides a variety of accommodation options for students, including homestay, apartments, and student residences. Homestay accommodation is a great option for students who want to fully immerse themselves in the local culture and practice their English on a daily basis with a local host family. The apartments and student residences offer students a more independent lifestyle, providing them with a private and comfortable space to study and relax.

In conclusion, the Global Village Hawaii English Language School is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to improve their English skills while experiencing the unique culture of Hawaii. With its high-quality language instruction, diverse cultural activities, and supportive learning environment, students are sure to make rapid progress in their language skills and have a memorable experience in Hawaii.

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