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Carlingford English Language School & Adventure Centre

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Carlingford English Language School & Adventure Centre

The Carlingford English Language School & Adventure Centre, located in Louth, Ireland, is an innovative institution that combines traditional language instruction with thrilling outdoor activities. The school offers a variety of English language courses for students of all levels, including General English, Exam Preparation, and Business English. The experienced teachers at the school use a communicative approach to teaching, which focuses on developing the student’s ability to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

The school is also well-known for its adventure center, which offers a wide range of activities including sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, and more. These activities are designed to complement the language learning experience by providing students with opportunities to practice their language skills in a fun, engaging, and stimulating environment.

The school is well-equipped with modern facilities, including classrooms, a library, computer lab, and a self-study area. In addition, the school also offers accommodation options, including homestay, apartments, and residence.

The Carlingford English Language School & Adventure Centre is committed to providing students with an enjoyable and successful learning experience. The school’s aim is to help students achieve their language goals and to provide them with lasting memories of their time in Ireland.

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