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Berlitz Languages, Inc. / Coral Gables

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Berlitz Languages, Inc. / Coral Gables

Berlitz Languages, Inc. is a renowned global language education provider that has been teaching languages for over 140 years. With its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, Berlitz offers a wide range of language classes for individuals, businesses and government agencies worldwide. Berlitz has several locations throughout the United States, including the Berlitz Languages, Inc. location in Coral Gables, Florida.

The Berlitz method is based on natural and intuitive language learning, which means that students are encouraged to think and communicate in the target language from the very first class. This immersive learning experience is facilitated by Berlitz’s highly trained and experienced language instructors who use a communicative approach to language teaching. Berlitz instructors are native speakers of the language they teach, which allows students to learn the language in its true form and gain the ability to communicate effectively with native speakers.

The Berlitz Languages, Inc. location in Coral Gables, Florida, offers a wide range of language courses including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and more. Classes can be taken in-person, online or through a combination of both, allowing students to choose the most convenient and effective way to learn. Berlitz also offers private language classes and customized language training programs for businesses and government agencies.

In addition to language classes, Berlitz Languages, Inc. also offers a variety of language-related services such as translation, interpretation, and cultural training. These services are provided by Berlitz’s professional and experienced language specialists who are dedicated to providing high-quality language solutions to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

In conclusion, Berlitz Languages, Inc. in Coral Gables, Florida, is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn a new language in a supportive and effective environment. With its proven language-teaching method, experienced language instructors, and wide range of language courses and services, Berlitz is a leader in the language education industry and is dedicated to helping its students reach their language goals.

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