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Berlitz Hungary

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Berlitz Hungary

Berlitz Hungary is a well-established language school located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. The school offers a wide range of language programs for students of all levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. The main focus of the school is to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to communicate effectively in English, with an emphasis on speaking and listening.

Berlitz Hungary’s program includes a variety of course options such as general English, business English, exam preparation, and private lessons. The school’s experienced teachers use a communicative approach that emphasizes real-life situations, making it easy for students to apply what they have learned to their everyday lives. The school also uses the Berlitz Method, which is a unique teaching approach that uses a combination of visual aids, role-playing, and other interactive methods to help students learn quickly and effectively.

In addition to the academic program, Berlitz Hungary also offers a variety of extracurricular activities and events to help students improve their language skills in a fun and engaging way. These activities include conversation clubs, cultural events, and excursions to different parts of the city.

Berlitz Hungary also has a variety of facilities and resources to help students succeed, including a library, computer lab, and a student lounge. The school also provides support services to help students with their learning and academic progress, including academic advising, tutoring, and counseling.

Berlitz Hungary is a great choice for students looking to improve their English language skills in a supportive and engaging environment. With experienced teachers, a variety of course options, and a range of extracurricular activities, the school provides students with the tools they need to succeed.

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